Grand architecture designed with simplicity

Architecture is the art of creating spaces that make us feel well and root us in our environment.

This is achieved with simple volumes, sound materials and the right balance between colours and light.

As an architect, I provide the complete range of architectural services, from program definition, cost estimation, concept and preliminary design, construction documents, construction site supervision, 3D models and representations to show what the future building will look like.


Expertise in Theatre Design

Planning of audience spaces, backstage functions and the flow of operations.

I work closely with theatre and acoustical consultants to design expressive and colourful theatres that bring artists and the public closer together.

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Featured Publications

Projects featured in national and international reviews.

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Architecture is an art form

Creating beautiful compositions with volumes, colours and light to inhabit.


Selected Projects

The most impressive and monumental is the Cogeco Amphitheatre. Attend a show to experience it! You can have access to the main exterior 9 000-seat auditorium during the summer or the stage-cabaret during the winter months.



Materials, Lights and Colours

They are the essential ingredients of architecture. The key is to combine them successfully.

These are examples taken from projects I designed.



Some projects are published in books because they serve as examples or have a special feature to show. They can also form a theme with similar projects.

1:100 Edition

The Cogeco Amphitheatre was published in 2018 in the minimalist German 1:100 book along with other exceptional cultural projects built throughout the world.

The Bauhaus in Detail

“What do I think of the Bauhaus?”

I was asked this question by Detail for the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus.


Discover if my architectural design approach is right for your project.