Performance Stage & Pavilion

Photo Mélanie Dusseault



A new stage along the Saint-Lawrence River reveals the magnificent scenery on the horizon. The white reflective roof creates a protective frame around the performers. The gazebo like structure becomes a belvedere and observation platform that draws the public closer to the water.


Location 12 090 Notre-Dame Street East, Montreal, Canada

Status Built 2018

Client City of Montreal

Type Theatre, Performance, Cultural, Public

Building Area 150 m²


A Significant Location

The pavilion is positioned at the intersection of paths the City of Montreal is creating along the shore line. It is designed as a destination and point of interest in the landscape. From one direction, the roof and columns create a frame towards the river. From another direction, its platform forms boardwalk that becomes an observation deck over a stone retaining wall.

Photos Adrien Williams


Music along the River

The pavilion is a public work financed by the City of Montreal to give local citizens access to the water. It serves as a stage for cultural events and performances during the summer months.

The white cylinder is a subtle while distinct insertion in the lush scenery.

Photos Adrien williams and Mélanie Dusseault


The Lighting

A series of recessed spot lights at the base of the columns illuminate the roof in a dramatic way.

Lights pointing up enhance height in any space, especially vertical element like columns.

Photos Adrien Williams

The Roof and the Horizon

The client was concerned about the pavilion interfering with the view on the river. In response, the roof height was set to match the horizon line.

During the winter, the pavilion is perceived as a delicate white structure along the shore.

Photo Ville de Montréal


The Materials

The base of the pavilion is made of exposed natural materials that keep their intrinsic qualities with time.

The columns and roof are made of steel structural elements and smooth aluminum cladding, painted in high gloss white. The top and bottom parts create a parallel composition, one linked with the terrain, the other with the horizon.

Photos Adrien Williams


Project Team

Architect Atelier Paul Laurendeau
Project Architect and Lead Designer Paul Laurendeau

Structural Engineering Latéral s.e.n.c.

Electrical Engineering Induktion

Theatre Consultant Mario Laliberté

General Contractor Arthier


Paul Laurendeau