Event Scenography

Photo Marc Gibert

Photo Marc Gibert



Location Incinérateur des Carrières, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Status Completed 2004 and removed (temporary event)

Client Champ Libre

Type Theatre, Performance, Cultural, Public

Occupied Area 7 000 m²


The Visitor’s Walk

The event is designed to view video artworks in a decommissioned incinerator, making architecture part of the experience.

The layout creates a path between different zones of the site and links inside and outside spaces of the imposing building.

Photo Marc Gibert


The Lighting of the Concrete

The incinerator is a concrete volume with monumental spaces and a spiraling ramp for the trucks to access the upper floor and dispose of their load. The most effective way to give life to a building is to light its walls with different colours and emphasize its shapes and textures.

A pile of rocks designed by vlan paysages is meant to evoke urban construction and the rocks that were formerly extracted from the site.

Photos Marc Gibert


The Ramp and the Containers

Steel containers house individual video installations, laying out the event on the site and linking the spaces together.

Photos Marc Gibert

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The Screens

The major interior spaces were used to project artworks. The artist Isabelle Hayeur emphasized the perspective of a tunnel with a screen showing an infinite path to an imaginary landscape.

Photos Marc Gibert

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Press Articles


Invitation Flyer

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Project Team

Architect Paul Laurendeau

Electrical Engineering Dupras Ledoux