Alphonse Desjardins Theatre

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Alphonse Desjardins Theatre

The Alphonse Desjardins Theatre is a competition submittal that proposes a black symmetrical theatre on an open site to form a composition with an existing Arts Center. A plaza between the buildings serves as a gathering space for this new cultural hub.

Location 25, allée de la Création, Repentigny, Quebec, Canada

Status 2018 Competition (Finalist)

Client Repentigny City

Type Theatre, Performance, Cultural, Public

Building Area 2 800 m²

Seating Capacity 275 to 400 according to seating configuration


A Symetrical Composition

A thick black roof, glass curtain walls, translucid images and a bloody red box with a mysterious hole in its centre confirm that the building is a theatre.


The Auditorium

The project proposes a warm while entertainment space, what people come to expect in a theatre. Mixing traditional colours, cherry red and deep black to create contrast and drama, it is about comfort and excitement.


The Foyer

The roof is designed in reference to a canopy in the tradition of theatres. A series of lights create glitter.

At night, the translucent purple character and the interior wall with a printed velvet curtain show the building’s identity on the plaza and invite the public to come in.


The Facades: a Box within a Box

The building being on an open site, all facades are created equal with varying degrees of transparency.

The circulation spaces form a loop between the black outer volume and the interior red volume containing the auditorium and stage.


The Plans

The plan must be clear and efficient to allow a theatre to function properly.

A circulation circles around the stage and auditorium volume. On the left side of the plan are the backstage spaces, on the right side, the foyer and the plaza.



A conventional steel structure rests on pile foundations. Roof girders are designed to frame the central spaces without columns.


Project Team

Architect Atelier Paul Laurendeau + DKA Architectes
Project Architect and Lead Designer Paul Laurendeau

Landscape Architect Projet Paysage

Structural Engineering Latéral + DWB Consultants

Mechanical/Electrical Engineering SNC-Lavalin

Theatre Consultant Guy Simard

Cost Consultant Legico-CHP